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Thank you for visiting our site! At Pro HealthCare, we offer an array of holistic health services through Chiropractic Care, Physical Therapy, and Nutritional Dieting intended on treating and preventing the occurrences of back, neck, joint, muscle, nerve and other pain caused by age, injuries, and/or accidents.  

My staff is trained and eager to assist you with your health needs.

- Dr. Charles Srour, D.C.

Board Certified Chiropractic Physician | Clinical Nutrition | Applied Kinesiology


Dr. Charles Srour, D.C.

Owner & Head D.C. at Pro Healthcare

 Chiropractic Therapy (CMT)

Chiropractic manipulation is a hands-on, manual procedure that uses highly refined skills developed during chiropractic training.

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Get Back in The Game

Holistic treatment for sports injuries and rehabilitation. Work with a doctor who has treated players from the Miami Dolphins, Florida Marlins and Florida Panthers.

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Have you been injured?

At Pro Healthcare, we treat patients who have come in for the following reasons:


Auto Accidents:

- Whiplash

- Neck Pain

- Back Pain


Work Injuries:

- Slip and fall

- carpal tunnel

- Sciatica pain

Ready to feel better? 

Wellness Care

Feel the difference

Holistic treatment for sports injuries and rehabilitation. Work with a doctor who has treated players from the Miami Dolphins, Florida Marlins and Florida Panthers.

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Relieve discomfort

Fight inflammation now

Promote a healthy inflammation response and improve your quality of life today! 
One supplement. One purpose.

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First Time Visit?

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You can fill out the forms that are needed before you come to the office for your first visit. Download, print and fill out paperwork from the Billing & Insurance section.


Changing Lives in North Miami.


At Pro Healthcare, we believe getting healthy and feeling better is universally wanted. That's why we chose to be in a diverse, easy to reach location in North Miami, Florida.


We feel very fortunate to have Dr. Srour as our sports injury specialist. He has successfully treated many of our members with a wide array of injuries including muscle sprains and strains, tennis elbow, back sprains etc. As the tennis director at Sans Souci, he has kept me feeling great and able to spend long hours at the courts. We are grateful to have him as part of our team.
— Ross Dubins, Tennis Director, Sans Souci
Dr. Srour was able to take over my auto-accident case without complications, and helped me recover from physical injury at a more proficient and faster rate than when I initially began treatment at a previous accident clinic. Dr. Srour’s knowledge and care is like no other I’ve ever experienced. He is compassionate, thorough, and professional. I highly recommend him for chiropractic and physical rehabilitation services.
— Patsy Balacchi, Auto-accident patient

Living in NY I have had the opportunity to see many doctors and specialists for my back problem. None of them ever told me how to treat my condition without medications until I was referred to Pro Healthcare. Dr. Srour explained my condition in a way that I clearly understood what was happening and how we could take care of it. By following his treatment plan and suggestions, I feel 100% again and I owe it all to him. Now I go every so often for maintenance visits to stay pain free. I am so grateful to have found Pro Healthcare!
— Jasmine Gonsalez, Patient